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Four commands away from installing Less Css on Ubuntu!

August 17, 2010 by admin 2 Comments »

After days of torture trying to get Less CSS to work on my laptop, i then painfully found out you can actually install Less CSS in four beauty commands in less than a two minutes! :( Thanks to my mate for his Ubuntu Knowledge and Search capabilities!

Here is the code… so u don’t get lost in the bush like i did!

sudo apt-get install rubygems1.8
sudo gem install rubygems-update
sudo update_rubygems     
sudo gem install less

After install~: Run lessc styles.less to create your programmed css file!



2 Responses to “Four commands away from installing Less Css on Ubuntu!”

  1. Michael R says:

    Thanks for the article!

    One thing, the 3rd step I was required to actually type:

    “sudo gem update rubygems”

    I got an error using your 3rd line exactly.

  2. guenther says:

    i tried to install it with no luck .. when i enter “lessc” it says it can’t find the command …
    the log can be found here:


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